Pacha means times in the Aymara (Inca) language;
Therefore, Greenpacha stands for Green Times.

Back in 2010, we were introduced to panama hat tradition in Ecuador, and we followed the hat path.
We met then, a group of wise, strong and joyful ladies that make a living from weaving beautiful hats.

We felt inspired to help them succeed in their work of preserving their ancient tradition.

Ever since, we have been learning from them and working together to create unique hat collections.

Our designs reflect our passion for traveling and cultural exchange, our lifestyle.

The colors of our pallet, the fine weaving, the finishing of the hats reflect a work of patience and, at the same time, a desire to thrive: the weavers welcome our design challenges and always collaborate with a positive attitude, to make our collections come to life.


Our Greenpacha hats differentiate from others panama hats because they represent our values, which aim to build a better world.

We create our story by fostering a real relationship with our weavers and hat makers, that blossoms beyond work in a cordial friendship.

Every year, we visit Ecuador to work directly with them in the collections. The weavers are artisans whose craft has been passed down for generations.

By reformulating this ancient tradition with style and design, we hope to become a Key force in keeping this art form alive, as well as help it grow and evolve.

Our goal in the fashion business is to create products to love for a lifetime, while building a bridge between the user and the artisan who made it.