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Luna Roja

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The perfect foldable hat to travel in style.

Material: Natural toquilla Straw hat.

Hat features: handwoven, easy to travel with (can be rolled up). 


Size adjuster: no.


Greenpacha is inspired in the values of the new luxury: which we define with simplicity, respect and exquisite taste. Each product is finely handcrafted and they are a symbol of these values. Greenpacha seeks to create an experience that goes beyond the use of straw hats. We want you to fall in love. We share a genuine enthusiasm to enjoy the sun. 

Greenpacha makes you part of this new luxury, reformulating a tradition trough design, honouring the crafmanship and admiring nature. 

In this collection, we are inspired in the raw beauty of the Californian deserts and the Pacific coast of Baja. The palette in completely natural. The sophistication resides in the simplicity. 


All our hats are handwoven with natural toquilla straw. The toquilla palm grows in the Ecuadorian coast. The palms are harvested by hand, cut in fine fibers, boiled in water and left to dry in the open air. When ready the straw travels to the mountains of Cuenca, where the weavers live. Each hat is handmade by an artisan meanwhile she walks the hills or runs her errands at the little town of Sig Sig. There are no factories. These artisans have managed to maintain this tradition alive for centuries. In 2012, the UNESCO recognized the toquilla hat weaving as immaterial patrimony of humanity.

All our products are handmade with love.

Make sure you selected the right size.

Our hats are unique pieces of art. Please be sure the size is correct before placing an order.

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