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Where Are You From? Where Do You Live? Where's Your Favorite Place To Live Or Visit? 

My Name Is Sierra Quitiquit. I Am From Park City, Utah And I Currently Split My Time Between There And New York City. My Favorite Place To Visit Is Fiji For Surfing!

- Where Do You Find Peace And A Calm State Of Mind? What About Moments Of Adrenaline? Would You Say That You Live For Those Moments? 

I Find Peace Through Yoga, Meditation And Giving My Mind And Body What It Needs To Thrive. I Also Love My Moments Of Adrenaline - Skiing Big Lines, Surfing And Skateboarding. These Are Definitely The Things That I've Centered My Life Around. 



- What Inspires You? What Keeps You Going? 

I Take A Lot Of Inspiration From Mother Nature. Ultimately, Everything Mirrors Nature. When We Connect Intimately With The Flow And Rhythm Of Nature, We Find Out True Self. I Feel Super Blessed To Be Able To Spend So Much Time Playing In Nature: Skiing And Surfing And I Feel Compelled To Do My Best To Protect Our Beautiful Planet.

- How Did You Get Started Surfing? Skiing? 

Skiing Runs Deep In My Blood. My Grandfather Was A Filipino Immigrant Who Joined The Army And Was Stationed In Alaska - It Was There That My Family First Discovered Skiing. He Went On To Race For Decades In The Masters League And My Father Got A Full Ride Scholarship For Ski Racing. I Was Skiing Before My Second Birthday And Have Been Completely Enamored With The Mountains And The Sport Ever Since.

I Found Surfing Later In Life When I Was Attending Massage Therapy School In Costa Rica When I Was 19 Years Old. I Bought An $80 Used Surfboard The Day I Got There And Spent Every Free Moment In The Water. It's Been Really Special For Me To Be Able To Challenge Myself And Connect To The Ocean Through Learning A New Sport And Passion. 



- Accidents, You've Had Quite A Few–What Keeps You Going? 

I Always Remind Myself That I Have The Capacity To Overcome Great Challenges. That I Am Strong And That The Universe Gives Me What I Need And What I Can Handle. 



- Do You Have Any Human Beings That You Look Up To? 

Greta Thunberg For Her Climate Activism

- Are There Any Pre Ritual Elements You Do Before You Go Out To The Snow Or The Sea? 

I Like To Listen To Music To Get Myself In The Groove.

- How Does Fashion Play A Role In Your Life? How Do You See Greenpacha's Role In That Vision (If Applicable). 

I Think Personal Style Is So Important. How You Adorn Yourself Is An Outward Expression Of Your Spirit. For Me, I Love To Choose Clothing And Accessories Made From Natural Materials That Are Produced In A Way That Align With My Values. Greenpacha Really Represents The Way That I Hope All Brands With Be In The Future.

- Where Are You Favorite Places To Travel To? Do You Take Your Greenpacha Hats With You On Your Travels? Sunshine And Shade? 


To Me, There's Nothing Better Than A Surf Vacation. I Like To Pack Light But I Never Forget To Pack My Greenpacha Hat To Keep The Sun Off My Face In Style. 

- What's Your Role In Terms Of Protecting Our Planet? Of Making A Better World?

I Am The Co-Founder Of Plastic Free Fridays Which Aims To Inspire Individuals To Refuse Single-Use Plastics By Starting With One Day Per Week. I Am Also An Ambassador To Protect Our Winters, A Non-Profit Whose Work To Bring Climate Change To The Forefront Of Legislation. 

I Feel So Blessed To Have Been Able To Make A Living Around Playing In Nature And I See It As My Duty To Protect The Natural Playgrounds That Are So Near And Dear To My Heart. 



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