Life's a weave
Greenpacha Hats are made with palm leaves and Love
The palms grow on the Ecuadorian coast where they are gently harvested; the hats are woven by hands of women in the mountains of Ecuador.
These women weave while walking in Nature and living their daily lives.
They live close to nature, raising their fruits, vegetables and most of what they use to feed their families.
Our hats are not made in sweat shops, as are most things that people wear today. They are timeless headwear rooted in a beautiful tradition. Each hat is a cultural expression and, we believe, a symbol of hope in humanity

When we decided to design Panama hats, it was a life changing decision.
We instantly felt the magic of this artisanal and ancient tradition.
When you put a Greenpacha hat on, it will tell you stories, while you live
your own... magically.
We celebrate the wise women that weave
our hats,
as well as the stylish women that appreciate the good and simple things in life.
We hope you enjoy this magic as well…

Welcome to Greenpacha, Hats for a Better World.