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Tell Us What Do You Do?

My Name Is Sol Pardo, I Am The Creative Director And Professional Hatbox Of PardoHats. Currently Apart From Carrying Out Collaborations Of Hats, With Different Firms, I Dedicate Myself To Being A Coach Of Some Friendly Brands In Their Development. Another Activity That I Do Every Day And Which I Love Is To Teach Headgear And Design Classes At The University Of Barcelona IDEP.

What Is The Mission Of Pardo Hats?

Pardohats Was Born As A University Project In 2014, Then It Was Transformed Into A Laboratory Of Hats Or Objects Of Art Bearing On The Head And Is Currently A Hybrid Between A Fashion Brand And The Development Of The Hat Shop, Always Within The Parameters And The Needs Of The Fashion Industry.

The Current Mission Is To Be Able To Go Beyond A Hat Firm, I Hope That In A Few Years I Will Be Able To Have A General Design Studio. Every Time We Move Further Away From The Clothing And The Idea Is To Go To The Field Of Art Objects Or Interior Design. We Predict To Surprise In Our Next Collections! We Will See If The Covid-19 Breaks Or Not With Our Plans!


Tell Us Some Anecdotes From When You Traveled With Greenpacha To Ecuador?

I Have Thousands, I'm Going To Do A Top Five, Many Were In Mar Del Plata, Others In Ecuador And Several In California And Many Cannot Be told haha.

- On My First Trip To Ecuador It Was Important For Flor That If I Worked For Greenpacha To Surf, So I Decided To Lose My Virginity In A BIG Wave Of Mountains, Which I Survived, But Ended Up All Scraped And With A Minor Heat Stroke, To The Point That By The Late I Almost Passed Out In A Weaver's House, So In The Middle Of The Street Flor Began To Do The Ritual Of The Glass Of Water, To Heal Me.


What Was Your Greatest Achievement So Far As A Milliner?

I Don't Know, The Only Thing I Know Is That If I Look Back, Life Always Put Me On The Best Path For My Career, Things That Seemed Unattainable With The Passage Of Time Become Very Natural And No Longer Excite You, But New Challenges Come That They Do.

Regarding Greenpacha, I Believe That I Have Dabbled In The Transformation Of The Panama Hats. From The First Collaboration We Made Together, Albino 2015, I Have Been Working On Transforming Such A Traditional Hat Into A “Work Of Art” Or A Precious Object Desired By Thousands Of Women, Without Offering The Same That Others On The Market Proposed.


What Fashion References You Know Do A Job Genuinely Sustainable?

It Is Very Difficult To Know, Sustainability Has Many Edges. It Is Complex To Lay Hands On The Fire For Other Colleagues Or Firms. In My Case I Try To Make Everything As Sustainable As Possible, It Is Already My Fourth Or Fifth Collection That I Make Out Of A Hat With The Slogan That "It Is Buried In The Earth And Transformed Into Compost".



How Do You See Fashion In Terms Of More Conscious Consumption? Are There Changes That Have To Happen In The Fashion World? How Do You Think Covid Will Affect The Industry In General?

I Think We All Knew That ON-LINE Was The Near Future, But From One Day To The Next It Was The Only Present. There Are Countries Like The United States That Are More Used To It, But There Are Others That Are Not And That Began To Be Online Clients, When They Were Not.


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