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ALOHA HAWAII: The new collection for this summer 2024

We interviewed Sol Pardo, Creative Director of GREENPACHA, about this new collection inspired by the magnificent island of Hawaii. Here's what she told us.

What was the inspiration for the collection?


This collection has a deep and intense search to reflect every corner of Hawaiian culture. Anything ethnic is super inspiring and is crucial in the creative process of putting together a collection. Hawaii is a place with many communities and a rich cultural and aesthetic natural beauty that facilitates creativity. It’s easy to think and imagine a woman wearing a Greenpacha in a place like Hawaii. It is also very organic to think that these same spaces blend and mix in the design of a hat, in the choice of color palette, and in the utility of that hat. It makes a lot of sense to use a GP in Hawaii and for it to be in the GP style.


How did you decide to go to Hawaii for the campaign?


The decision to go to Hawaii was related to a creative challenge. The idea was to combine the notion that both founders and sisters (Florencia and Julieta) represent the Sea and the Jungle, respectively, and Hawaii has both. Since the brand’s inception, it has always been a goal to shoot in Hawaii because it encompasses both worlds. It has a super interesting marine and terrestrial richness, a green similar to Ecuador, and a fantastic ocean to play and have fun with the waves.


What are your three favorite hats from this collection?


Tortuga Bay, Pipeline, and Galapagos.


How can we incorporate the hat into our daily lives and travel?


Those of us living in the city need to understand that the hat is an essential accessory when we travel. It’s a matter of awareness. Nowadays, sun protection is very important, and also being able to be calm and happy. Whether to cover the skin or the eyes, it is important that the hat accompanies you so that you can have more fun. Whether you are walking on the beach, playing with the waves on the shore, or walking through the jungle, the hat can be our indispensable ally. It’s an object that allows for greater enjoyment without losing protection and comfort. The reality is that it helps us create a perfect bond, like sunglasses or sunscreen. With the hat, it’s the same; there’s just less incorporation of this object into daily life and less awareness.


It is important that everyone finds the perfect hat for their needs and style. 

That’s why at Greenpacha, we aim to offer different models so that everyone can feel happy and comfortable in this great travel experience, and also for those who have the luxury of living near the sea or immersed in nature.




Sol Pardo is a talented Argentine designer, born in Buenos Aires, with a rich artistic heritage. Coming from a family of Spanish and Italian immigrants, her grandfather, Jose Eduardo Pardo, was one of the founders of the Fine Arts in Quilmes, her hometown. From an early age, Sol immersed herself in the art world, taking classes at the Fine Arts school at the age of 3, making that place her second home. There she learned various disciplines such as painting, drawing, photography, theater, engraving, and sculpture.


At 18, Sol won an arts scholarship called "Proyectar," where the best artists in her country provided her with classes. Simultaneously, she began her career in the entertainment industry, specializing in costumes, which sparked her passion for storytelling through theater. At 21, after finishing her degree with honors, she decided to travel abroad to continue her studies.


It was abroad where she discovered her interest in the sociology of fashion, which led her to return to Buenos Aires to study fashion design. During her first year in the program, Sol was contacted by Harper's Bazaar to feature one of her pieces, a cap, in a fashion editorial. From that moment on, she began creating standout pieces for Latin American editorials while continuing her university studies.


In her last two years of study, she requested special permission to focus exclusively on hat creation. After graduating again with honors, she decided to apply for an international scholarship from the National Arts Fund of Argentina to pursue a master's degree abroad. Upon winning this scholarship in 2017, she decided to move to Barcelona, where she was warmly welcomed. That same year, she was named a Vogue Talent, marking the beginning of her entrepreneurial brand.


Currently, her project, PARDOhats, has 5 years of experience as a company and dresses her muses, selling in important stores worldwide. Sol Pardo has managed to turn her passion into a successful career, striving to adorn people's heads worldwide and convey her stories through her creations. Despite not coming from a wealthy family, her love for work and her desire to share her stories, social critiques, and aesthetic universe have led her to achieve success.


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